Energy Rebate Solutions

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Efficiency Is Power

Implementing energy efficiency solutions for your building

Why be energy efficient?

The more upgrades you complete, the more energy-efficient your building will be.

Lower utility bills

Enjoy lower service rates when your building is energy efficient.

Local law compliance

Lower the amount of energy your buildings put out, to remain within your buildings’ maximums.

Environment friendly

When the heating and cooling distribution is even, the living environment is comfortable.

Who we service

With a focus on transforming older buildings in the Bronx and Manhattan,
we are changing the New York City skyline, one building at a time.


In the realm of multifamily buildings, we employ a comprehensive approach to boost energy efficiency and obtain any rebates that you may be eligible for. Our team identifies areas of improvement in the building envelope and boilers. We integrate cutting-edge technologies to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, rebates help towards compliance with all pertinent local building codes and zoning laws, making these multifamily dwellings not only environmentally responsible but also safe and legally compliant havens for residents.


In the realm of commercial buildings, we enhance energy efficiency and capitalize on available rebates. Our expert team assesses the building envelope and boilers, pinpointing areas for improvement. We significantly decrease energy consumption and minimize greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, these rebates aid in ensuring compliance with relevant local building codes and zoning regulations, transforming commercial spaces into environmentally conscious, secure, and legally compliant environments for tenants and businesses alike.

Let’s make today a
green one